Earn profits in such a way as to make a real and permanent contribution to the well-being of the communities in which we operate.

Jonathan Oppenheimer


Oppenheimer Partners is a global investment company. With offices in both Johannesburg and London, the business has international expertise with extensive reach and experience. Founded by Jonathan Oppenheimer in 2016 and owned by the Oppenheimer family, our roots are firmly in Africa.

Our Approach

Striving to create value, we look to make strategic long-term investments as a majority shareholder in any business in which we invest. Alternatively, we seek to take a significant minority stake with an option for further investment towards ownership.

Investment sector focus.


Non-durable goods, Pharmaceuticals, Consumables


Manufacturing, ICT, Infrastructure, Power


Healthcare, Facilities, Management, Financial, Education

Message from our Founder.

The core of our strategy at Oppenheimer Partners is a twin desire to create a long-term portfolio of real businesses, where we can drive value by exercising operational influence, while at the same time generating prosperity for the communities in which we operate.

We are confident that this approach will lay the foundations for an investment group that can span the key pillars and sectors of our chosen markets, building on the Oppenheimer Family’s legacy and commitment towards making a meaningful and positive impact on society.

We are excited to see the concept of Oppenheimer Partners moving to maturity, and becoming part of the Oppenheimer Family’s 100-year journey.

Jonathan Oppenheimer

Our Investments.

GZ Industries

Medical Specialist Holdings